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Best Massage Therapists In Columbia

Looking for the best massage in Columbia? Re-discover your sense of well-being with a personalized massage that nurtures both your body and mind. Enjoy massages that will allow you to achieve calm, relaxation and peace inside and out.

Serenity Therapeutic Massage, walk in, float out.

Angela Raley

Lic. LMT #6798

Owned and operated by Angela Raley, a South Carolina local, born and raised. She is passionate about her craft and it shows, she has even been asked to travel up and down the east coast to give massages to celebrities! Angela is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is a Practitioner of Cranialsacral Therapy with the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners. She has refined her skills so she can work on even the most extreme cases, including PTSD, MS and Parkinson’s.

In 2017, Angela was given the opportunity to go for her dream and open her spa. After decades of working for others, she is stepping out on her own and Irmo, South Carolina loves Serenity Therapeutic Spa!! In the last year she has expanded, twice! Even if you do not have chronic pain you can still benefit from Angela’s skill, try a hot stone massage and spoil yourself some! From Lexington to Blythewood, South Carolina, if you are searching for relief, stop looking and find Serenity.

Jeff Cullen

Lic. LMT

Jeff moved from Florida June 2018 and joined Serenity Therapeutic Massage February 2019. He has 28 year experience as a sole-proprietor in the massage and fitness industry. Jeff specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Myofascial Work, Stretching, and rehabilitation therapy. In the Orlando area Jeff received high recommendations from Chiropractors, and Orthopedic Physicians. Working in the Orlando area Jeff has had many opportunities than many therapist don’t have that chance. In 1995 Jeff served as therapist for the US Women’s Soccer Team, Gary Player Senior Golf tournament. 1995-2000 he also worked with the Disney MGM Studio Animation Department.

Jeff’s expertise takes massage therapy to another level that is hard to find in the surrounding Irmo, Lexington, and Chapin areas. He has a passion for the business and working with people. His goal is to get you back on track with your fitness/training goals. Jeff and his wife Lisa live in the Ridgeway Community. He enjoys golf, wine, gardening and fishing. Jeff has been a great addition to Serenity Therapeutic Massage.

Ansley Edwards

Lic. LMT

Ansley is a South Carolina native with 8 years of experience in the massage field. In addition to being a graduate of the Midlands Technical massage program, Ansley received her BA in Communication from Columbia College and is currently pursuing her Masters at Columbia International University.

While she has had training in a range of therapeutic styles including, but not limited to, Myofacial release, Sports, Triggerpoint, Swedish, stretching, and hot stone, Ansley’s personal style is hybrized to incorporate techniques from multiple modalities, in order to best customize each massage to her clients’ needs. She is a proponent of the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist and believes massage works best when each works together as a team rather than separate entities.

In her free time (what there is of it) Ansley enjoys nerding out with her husband over their favorite sci-fi and fantasy fandoms, reading, tabletop gaming, gardening, and stuffing her face with delicious food.

Nicholas Thompson

Lic. LMT

 LMT Certified by the State of SC. Specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Chair massage. He has worked at least 5 years in Chiropractic Care. He is very aware of body mechanics and muscle memory, He will customize each session to your needs.

Tammy McConnell

Lic. LMT

LMT Certified by the State of SC. Tammy has been in the massage industry for 18 years. She specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Prenatal, and Chair Massage. She has worked in several different settings. Franchise, Spa, and Clinical (Chiropractic Care). She will take her time and customize every session to your needs.

Kalena Cartstetter

Administrative Assistant

Kalena Cartstetter is a welcomed addition to Serenity’s Administrative team. She is very eager to learn the spa industry. She has worked her way thru organizing Serenity in scheduling, and marketing. She will be working closely with Angela as we organize this talented staff and product line that will be coming soon. She will also be helping Angela with a new BLOG that will feature wellness tips for the days to come fighting stress, and immune disorders.

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