Case Study:
Red light therapy helps woman lose 8lbs in about a month

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64 yr old Female

Ellie Gordon is going on 64. She’s wanted to lose weight, but maintaining any weight loss has been difficult due to multiple health concerns, including chronic fatigue and eczema. Red light therapy was attractive for its simple, non-invasive nature. It has no side effects, and she found it to be affordably priced.

Ellie was excited to start the therapy. She settled on a 12 session treatment plan and a goal to lose about 14lbs. After her first treatment, she lost 2.6lbs. She’s now had eight sessions with us.

At her most recent session, a month later, she found she had lost 8.2lbs altogether since the first treatment. Out of nine areas around the body measured by our team, she had lost a total of 9” by the eighth session, too.

Though it wasn’t specifically targeted in her treatment plan, she said she felt the red light therapy helped with her eczema, too.

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