Case Study:
Red light therapy helps woman lose over 1lb in first session

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Cora Shelley is a busy woman. She home schools her daughter, cares for her aging relatives, and works full-time running a company. She’s wanted to lose weight, but she hasn’t been able to find enough time in the day.

This busy schedule made red light therapy catch her attention because the entire appointment is only 30 minutes. There’s 12 minutes on the red light bed, plus 10 minutes on a vibration plate used to help burn the fat lost during the red light session. It’s quick and easy, even for the busiest schedule.

Cora had a goal to lose about 34lbs over the course of 19 scheduled treatments. After the first session ended, she had lost 1.4lbs. She felt a bit uncertain about the process, but she optimistically continued onward.

She’s recently had her eighth session. Since her first session about three weeks ago, she’s lost about 6.8lbs. She’s consistently maintained loss of inches in the nine areas around the body our team measures. Altogether, that’s been a total of 7”.

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